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Children who need adopting

Read our profiles of real children who are waiting to be adopted and need a home with a new family.

We're looking for adoptive parents for our children in care. Our children come from a wide range of backgrounds and are different ages, from babies and toddlers to older children.

If you're interested in adopting a child, you can contact us by emailing fosterandadopt@suffolk.gov.uk or calling 01473 264800.

We have changed names to protect the children's identities.

Calum, 18 months old and Karl, 3 months old

Meet Calum who is 1 1/2 years old, and his younger brother Karl who is 3 months old. Both boys are described as happy and content with good sleep routines.

Calum is generally a happy, playful young boy. Calum loves to play; he particularly likes his toy phone. Calum also loves being read books.

Karl is a bright little baby who has been with the same foster care as his older brother Calum since he was 2 days old. Karl is making good progress in his development; he sleeps well and enjoys interaction with the adults he knows best.

Profile updated: January 2020

Jake, 5 years old and Sarah, 3 years old

Meet Jake who is 5 years old, and his younger sister Sarah who is 3 years old.

Jake and Sarah are both described as happy and sociable. Jake and Sarah love to play with their friends. Jake attends school and Sarah attends nursery.

They both enjoy walking the foster carers dogs, playing on their scooters. Jake likes playing with his dinosaurs and Sarah like playing with her dolls. They both love playing outside on the swings, visiting parks and trips out to the seaside and zoo.

Profile updated: January 2020

James, 17 months old

James is 17 months old. James’s foster carer describes him as a content baby with a predominantly happy temperament. He loves splashing in the bath and laughs when he blows raspberries. James’s foster carer describes him as a cheeky little boy. 

James sleeps well at night and has naps during the day. When he wakes up he babbles in his cot to let his foster carers know that he is awake and ready to get on with his day. He enjoys having cuddles and playing on his baby playmat. He likes musical toys and has started to enjoy making a noise with them. His favourites are his leapfrog laptop and a toy remote control! He also enjoys the swing in the garden. James has enjoyed trips out to the beach and soft plays centres with his carers. 

James’s foster carer says that James enjoys being out-and-about and is a very sociable child that loves having the extended foster family around him. He has formed a good attachment with his foster carer and her family. 

Profile updated: October 2019

Baby playing with rattle

Thomas, 4 years old and William, 2 years old

Two boys sitting next to eachother

Thomas is 4 years old and is described by his foster carer as a cute and cuddly little boy who loves vehicles and construction. Thomas’s favourite thing to do is to put together train tracks and he loves Thomas the Tank Engine. He also enjoys spending time constructing buildings and bridges out of Lego. Thomas likes to be outside and at nursery he loves forest school, searching for bugs and making pretend campfires! 

William is 2 years old and is described by his foster carer as cheeky little chap who loves to spend time in the garden, gathering sticks, leaves and anything else interesting he can find! He likes riding his scooter and being pushed on the swings. William is also an affectionate child who enjoys snuggling up to his carer to read a story. At home, he likes playing with playdough, diggers and plastic animals.

Profile updated: October 2019

Aaron, 5 years old

Aaron loves exploring and having lots of fun. 

Aaron is an active, energetic little boy who loves playing outdoors and shows an interest in nature and animals. He enjoys trips out and recently visited a museum and castle which he found fascinating. Aaron has a good imagination and enjoys dressing up, playing with his toy cars and garage, train set and Lego. He likes to watch CBeebies, Paw Patrol and Blaze on TV and will cuddle up to his foster carer on the sofa.

Aaron is very inquisitive and likes to ask questions and understand how things work and his world around him. He thrives in an environment where he knows what to expect and what is expected of him with adults he can trust and rely on. He enjoys the company of older children; he particularly gets on well with teenage boys. 

Aaron needs patient adopters who can provide a nurturing environment in which he can continue to progress. Aaron would benefit from being the only child in the family or for there to be a significant age gap.

Profile updated: October 2019

Boy playing with fire truck

Jack, 11 months old

Baby playing with colourful plastic toys

Jack is almost 12 months old. He is a very smiley and happy little boy who loves sitting on his toy train. He is starting to take his first few steps with his baby walker. Jack loves having cuddles and being sung to.  He is very vocal and he giggles whenever he plays ‘Pat-a-cake’ or ‘Row, Row, Row your Boat’.

Jack has a healthy appetite and has just cut his first two teeth. He enjoys having a story before bedtime and looking at the pictures. Jack’s foster carers say that he is a delight to look after and changing day by day, as he learns new things.  

Could you adopt Jack?

Profile updated: September 2019

Amy, 5 years old

Amy is a happy, likeable little girl who loves to sing and dance. Amy is doing well at school and is curious about the world around her.

Amy enjoys playing with cars and dolls as well as other toys available to her in the foster placement. She enjoys drawing, arts and crafts activities and playing with ‘slime’ and playdoh. Her favourite tv programmes are Peppa Pig, Curious George and Tom and Jerry.

Profile updated: September 2019

Young girl giving a thumbs up

Ricky, 4 years old and Sarah, 3 years old

Two young children holding hands

Ricky and Sarah love exploring and having lots of fun. They are full of energy and need a family who will give them lots of new experiences, laughter and make happy memories with them.

Ricky is an energetic little boy who likes nothing better than  playing with his cars, dressing up and pretend play, while he chats away. When he is praised he has a big wide smile on his face.

Sarah loves her dollies, making pretend tea and sharing dressing up with her brother and singing and dancing.

Ricky and Sarah’s foster carers describe them as loveable and sociable, enjoying the company of all ages in their family. They especially loves outings to the local farm, park, and trips to the seaside. They also love cuddling up for a story.

Profile updated: September 2019

Charlie and Katie, 5 years old and 2 years old

Charlie and Katie share a close sibling relationship.

Katie loves putting her wellies on and playing outside. She also likes playing with her dolls. She is an easy-going and sociable little girl who enjoys a wide range of activities and days out.

Charlie has a diagnosis of autism. He is a very bright and affectionate little boy. Charlie enjoys school and has made lots of friends. Charlie loves a story before bedtime. His favourites are The Gruffalo, Thomas the Tank Engine and Snow White.

It’s impossible not to smile around Charlie and Katie! Could you adopt Charlie and Katie?

Profile updated: May 2019


James, 4 years old and Emma, 3 years old

Children holding hands

James and Emma are playful and energetic children. They require parents who will enjoy being active and give them lots of fun, laughter and happy memories.

James is described by his carers as a ‘adorable little boy’ who is eager to please. With the help of his foster carers his confidence is growing.

James enjoys all kinds of activities, imaginary play, puzzles, playing with his toys, dressing up, being outdoors and going to the park. He also likes to help others and really enjoys receiving praise and encouragement.

Emma is described by her carers as a confident little girl who has lots of energy and a big personality. She thrives on close attention, praise and encouragement and likes to know she is loved and special!

Emma loves to be outdoors and enjoys bouncing on the trampoline and playing in the sand pit or water tray. She also enjoys the soft play area, ride on toys and listening and dancing to music. Emma responds well to structure and routines and has an appetite for fun and adventure. She is charmingly cheeky and has a mischievous side to her personality. 

James and Emma have differing personalities, but they enjoy each other’s company and will cuddle up on the sofa to watch TV or listen to a story. They would benefit from a family who are fun and energetic and who have the time and patience to parent a young sibling group. They require parents who can encourage the children’s relationship but also understand their individual needs.

Profile updated: April 2019

Jacob, 1 year old

Jacob is a happy little boy with a cheeky smile! He loves to be at home playing with his large collection of cars or building towers with his Megabloks but also enjoys going out and about, both in the car or his pushchair. He likes trips to the park where he can be pushed on the swing or just potter around.

Jacob eats well and enjoys a variety of foods; some of his favourites are tomatoes, spaghetti bolognaise and pancakes! He sleeps through the night but is an early riser.

Jacob has made positive progress with his current foster carers. When he was first placed with them, he was very unsettled and would cry for prolonged periods of time; Jacob had no words and struggled to play. He is now a predominantly content child and although his speech and language continue to be delayed, this is progressing. Jacob’s carers feel that his comprehension is good.

Jacob is active and very inquisitive and likes to explore. His foster carers describe him as strong willed and explain that he does get distressed if he is told no. Jacob is developing a positive relationship with his foster carers, particularly his main carer, and their extended family members. He does become upset if he does not know where his main carer is and will seek her out if she goes into another room. Jacob can be wary of new people but with reassurance will engage positively with both adults and children. He is an affectionate child who enjoys cuddles with his carers.

Profile updated: April 2019