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Children who would like to be adopted in Suffolk

Read our profiles of real children who are waiting to be adopted and need a home with a new family.

We're looking for adoptive parents for our children in care. Our children come from a wide range of backgrounds and are different ages, from babies and toddlers to older children.

If you're interested in adopting a child, you can contact us by emailing fosterandadopt@suffolk.gov.uk or calling 01473 264800.

We have changed names to protect the children's identities.

Oliver (5 years old)

Oliver is described by his foster carer as a cute and cuddly little boy who is curious about the world around him. Oliver loves vehicles and construction and his favourite things to do are build elaborate train tracks and Lego models. He shows unusual skill at this for his age and has been observed to carefully consider the best way to make bridges or structures.

Oliver remains predominantly solitary in his play; however, he will engage in play with other children with support. 

Oliver started school in September 2019. He has started to form friendships with his peers and spends time playing alongside them. Oliver has support from a one to one teaching assistant to help him to manage transitions throughout the day. He is making good progress academically and he happily contributes to class discussions.


Noah (5 years old)

Noah is described by his carers as a 'lovely little boy' who is eager to please. He has a cheeky smile and likes to make his carers laugh. His confidence has really developed since being in foster care. Noah loves 1-1 time with his carers, chatting and helping around the home.

Noah enjoys playing in the garden, building dens, mowing the lawn with his toy lawn mower that blows bubbles, watering the plants and caring for the foster carers pets. Indoors he enjoys playing with his toy cars, board games, having stories read to him and baking with his foster carers.

Noah needs reassurance when visiting new places but loves the experience once he is there. He particularly loves going to the beach, building sandcastles and chasing waves. He also enjoys trips to the Zoo, Dinosaur Park, walks in the Forest and eating in restaurants.

Noah is a caring and polite little boy who thrives on adult attention. Noah needs a family where he is the youngest child, a family who can give him plenty of 1:1 time, nurture, love and play.


James (17 months old)

James is 17 months old. James’s foster carer describes him as a content baby with a predominantly happy temperament. He loves splashing in the bath and laughs when he blows raspberries. James’s foster carer describes him as a cheeky little boy. 

James sleeps well at night and has naps during the day. When he wakes up he babbles in his cot to let his foster carers know that he is awake and ready to get on with his day. He enjoys having cuddles and playing on his baby playmat. He likes musical toys and has started to enjoy making a noise with them. His favourites are his leapfrog laptop and a toy remote control! He also enjoys the swing in the garden. James has enjoyed trips out to the beach and soft plays centres with his carers. 

James’s foster carer says that James enjoys being out-and-about and is a very sociable child that loves having the extended foster family around him. He has formed a good attachment with his foster carer and her family. 

Profile updated: October 2019

Baby playing with rattle

Ricky (5 years old) and Sarah (4 years old)

Two young children holding hands

Ricky and Sarah love exploring and having lots of fun. They are full of energy and need a family who will give them lots of new experiences, laughter and make happy memories with them.

Ricky is an energetic little boy who likes nothing better than playing with his cars, dressing up and pretend play, while he chats away. When he is praised he has a big wide smile on his face.

Sarah loves her dollies, making pretend tea and sharing dressing up with her brother and singing and dancing.

Ricky and Sarah’s foster carers describe them as loveable and sociable, enjoying the company of all ages in their family. They especially loves outings to the local farm, park, and trips to the seaside. They also love cuddling up for a story.

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