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Step-parent adoption

If you're interested in adopting your step-child find details and next steps here.


If your partner is a parent of a child/children from a previous relationship, you may wish to formally take on parental responsibility for your step-child.

One way of doing this is by step-parent adoption


If you're a resident of Suffolk and are interested in adopting your step-child please read the step-parent adoption information booklet, before contacting us.


By reading this information you'll find out:

  • what step-parent adoption is
  • alternatives to step-parent adoption
  • who can apply for step-parent adoption
  • how to apply
  • our contact details

PLEASE NOTE – Suffolk County Council offers an enquiry service to those considering step -parent adoption; however, due to temporary staffing difficulties will not be able to offer the next step, an assessment or court reporting service before July 2017.

We will operate a waiting list during this time and allocate the work on a priority basis. We apologise for this inconvenience and will reinstate the full service at the earliest possible opportunity.

Read our step-parent information booklet (PDF, 388 KB) for full details.

How to apply

The steps to applying for step-parent adoption are:

  1. Make enquiries to the local authority whose area you live in, and register an interest in step-parent adoption
  2. The local authority will investigate your suitability to become the child's adoptive parent, and the appropriateness of adoption
  3. You'll be required to give the local authority at least 3 months written notice of your intention to apply to the Court
  4. An application is made to the court
  5. The local authority submits a report to  the Court on your suitability and the appropriateness of adoption
  6. The Court considers your application and the local authority's report, and makes a decision

Read our step-parent adoption information (PDF, 388 KB) booklet for more details. 

Make an enquiry to us

If you've read our step-parent adoption information booklet (PDF, 388 KB) and wish to take the first step, please contact us to register your interest and arrange a discussion with our step-parent adoption specialist social worker.

Contact us


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