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Information for adopters

We're always at the end of the phone. Call 01473 264800 to get answers to any questions you may have.


You might like to read our Adoption and Permanence Support Statement of Purpose 2017-2018 (PDF, 539KB). This is a complete guide to all the  services we provide and how we provide them to help all those affected by adoption to know what to expect of the service. The guide also provides information about Special Guardianship and Child Arrangement Order support services.


You can also browse the different websites and resources below.


A dedicated service for people interested in adopting children in England.

Building Adoption Readiness

First Steps provides a few online resource, designed by experts, to help you understand the rewards and challenges of adoptive parenting.

First Steps is here to guide you through a wide range of subjects that empower you to be a better prepared adoptive parent.

Adoption UK

A website for every adoptive family. Adoptive parents and prospective adopter's value meeting both online and in real life to share the challenges and rewards of adoptive parenting. Adoption UK offers a network for you to access a range of support services delivered by experienced adoptive parents.

Coram BAAF (British Association of Adoption and Fostering)

Coram BAAF Adoption and Fostering Academy is the leading membership organisation dedicated to improving outcomes for children and young people in care, by supporting the agencies and professionals who work with them.

Coram BAAF also have a selection of video resources of adoptive parents sharing their journeys of adoption.

Visit their YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/user/Adoptionfostering

New Family Social

New Family Social is the UK network for LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) adoptive and foster families. Whether you're still deciding how to form your family, are on the way to being a parent, or are busy getting on with family life, you can find others near you in the same situation to share your journey.

Research in Practice

The site is funded by the Department of Education and provides useful resources related to fostering and adoption. While focused on the social worker's/professional's point of view, there will be some articles that a prospective adopter would find useful.


Information events and training for adopters

Once you've been accepted onto the assessment process with Suffolk Adoption Agency, you can book onto courses for prospective adopters on our own Parenting Channel, which is part of Suffolk Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

The Parenting Channel lists courses relevant to all prospective adopters on their journey to becoming approved adopters.

Visit the Parenting Channel to read about the types of courses available.

Registering with the Parenting Channel

Please wait until you've been invited to an information event before registering with the Parenting Channel.

This will happen once you've completed a telephone discussion with one of our adoption workers. 

Please call 01473 264800 if you'd like to book a telephone call.

Adopt East Training Calendar

As part of Regionalisation, adoptive families across the region now have access to training provided by all 5 local authorities (Essex County Council, Hertfordshire County Council, Southend on Sea Borough Council, Luton Borough Council and Suffolk County Council). Parents can book themselves onto a training course by using the contact names and numbers in the document here: Adopt East Training Calendar (PDF 344kb)

Get in touch

If you have any queries about adoption, or are interested in starting your journey as an adoptive parent, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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