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How to become a foster carer

Find out what qualities you need and what you don't need to become a foster carer and learn about our process to becoming a foster carer.

What you need

  • a spare room

  • belief you can make a difference

  • a sense of humour

  • a non-judgemental attitude

  • patience

  • a loving and nurturing environment

  • commitment

  • to enjoy the company of children

What you don't need

  • to own your home

  • formal qualifications

  • to be in a relationship

  • to be in full time employment

  • to have children of your own

  • to be a certain age

Read further information about fostering when you work (PDF, 39KB).

Our process

Tube map displaying process to becoming a foster carer

  1. Enquire: Contact us on our website, call us, message us on Facebook or come to one of our events.

  2. Chat: Have a conversation with one of our fostering workers about what we can offer you and answer any questions you may have.

  3. Home visit: We'll come and visit you in your home.

  4. Stage 1 application submitted: We will check your references and background checks.

  5. Preparation training: This is a 2 and a half day course run by our social workers and foster carers.

  6. Start Stage 2: A social worker will visit you 6 to 10 times to get to know you and your family, discuss the types of fostering best for you and the support you may need.

  7. Workshop: Half a day where you can meet staff and carers in the team who may be supporting you when you start fostering.

  8. Assessment report: You will complete this report with your social worker.

  9. Panel: You'll attend the fostering panel with your social worker where a decision will be made to recommend you as a foster carer.

  10. Approved

Simon's poem (male foster carer)

Fill a child's life with happiness

Overcome daily tasks with the child.

Staying one step ahead keeps a smile on your face!

Take each day as a new beginning.

Everyone has ambition.

Remain positive.

Invent new diversions and

New doors open.

Give them a chance.

Arrange to speak to a foster carer or adoptive parent 

Call us: 01473 264800

Email us: fosterandadopt@suffolk.gov.uk

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