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Fostering a child aged 0 to 5 years old

Kate's story

Read about Kate's experience of fostering babies and their first placement, a 2 month old baby called James.

Fostering babies

“I hadn’t ever considered babies would need fostering!

“We got into fostering because of my job. I was a childminder and I used to have contact with social workers when they were arranging childcare for their foster children. I got talking with the social worker and she asked if we had ever considered fostering. At this point we had, but not seriously as we had a 3 bedroom house and 4 children of our own. The social worker started talking about the need for baby foster carers. I googled fostering for Suffolk and got the ball rolling. Now 20 years later and after several baby placements we are still fostering and loving it.”

Our first placement

“Originally, we were asked to take James for a couple of days, 17 years later and he is still with us.

“James came to us at 2 months old from hospital. He had complex needs and was very poorly. He had a lot of medication and appointments, which we had to get used to and quickly. It was a learning curve. After fostering James for 2 years it was decided that the best outcome for James would be adoption but due to all James’ medical conditions and developmental delay this was very hard, so we asked to foster James long term as we knew him and his needs best, and he was part of our family. We went back to panel and were approved as long term carers.

“James, over the past 17 years has taught us so much. It hasn’t been easy at times. James got poorly on several occasions and it was hard. We lived in and out of the hospitals but to see him now is amazing. When he first arrived, he couldn’t do anything, but over time with our support he is doing brilliantly and we are so proud of him. He is very active and is our not so little fighter. It can be challenging, but to see him now as a strapping young man, we wouldn’t have it any other way. He is now moving from young people’s services to adult services but will be staying with us forever.

“We continue to foster babies. We did have a break when James’s placement changed to long term, but after a few years we decided we wanted to be approved for 2 placements, so we now continue helping and supporting babies.

“We still have contact with some of our babies we have moved on. Some of them are young adults now and still keep in touch, its great!”

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