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Fostering a child aged 5 to 10 years old

Angela's story

Read about Angela's experience of fostering a 5 year old girl, Sarah, and helping her settle into a new family.

Deciding to foster

“I always knew I wanted to do something different with my life.

“I knew I didn’t want children of my own but always wanted to have children in my life. Sitting on the sofa one day I saw an advert pop up on the TV regarding fostering and something just clicked - this is want I wanted to do. I discussed with my partner and then it was all systems go. Going through the assessment process at times seemed tough but it only made us stronger and ready for a foster child.

“Then one Friday afternoon in November we had a call to say there was a 5 year old needing a placement. Sarah turned up only in the clothes she was wearing. I will never forget the look Sarah gave us. We had already brought her some new pyjamas and a new tooth brush and got a bedroom ready for her. We showed her around the house and got her into her new clothes, she then saw her new bedroom and was so excited as she had never had a bedroom of her own before and now she loves to decorate her room with crafts she has made at her after school clubs. Sarah has a lovely mobile hanging and handprint sunshine, all made by herself. After 2 hours of Sarah first arriving we had all settled down and started adapting to each other.”

Happy and settled

“Sarah stayed at the same school which really helped with continuity for her. To start with Sarah did have contact with her parents twice a week which was hard, but each time Sarah came back we would comfort and follow her lead on what she needed.

“When Sarah first came she didn’t talk about how she was feeling and was very shy and quiet, but over time has really come out of her shell and is now very happy and settled. She does cry some nights and says she misses home, but we feel this is a positive step for Sarah as she is processing everything that has happened to her and is showing her emotions and sharing them with us.

“It’s amazing to see the difference in Sarah now, she enjoys school, and attends lots of clubs including horse riding. Sarah has been a really positive placement. Yes, there are hard times, but we work on them together, and we are a happy settled unit.

“The best decision I made was to foster.”

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