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Fostering a child with complex needs

Karen's story

Read about Karen's experience of fostering a child with complex needs while also raising a toddler.

A rewarding experience

“Without sounding cliché, caring for a child with additional needs has been so rewarding. Watching her learn new skills that people didn't think she could do, makes me feel amazing and makes everything worth doing. She remembers new things, comes out with new sentences and that fills me with pride.

“When I started this process, I thought I knew myself and I knew I would be the best for her but I was being naive, I have learnt so much about myself and become a much stronger person, and together we have learnt what works best, what routine suits us all.

“Having a child with additional needs and a toddler on my own was scary but my son has been amazing, he has got this new caring side about him I never saw. He helps me every day with every aspect of our routine.

“My fostered child is such a kind caring intelligent little girl and together we make the perfect team. I used to feel quite daunted by the thought of going out and doing the food shop and other simple things you don't think twice about but now we work together and we get there.

“We take each day as it comes, we laugh about the things that go wrong and learn from it.

Support from social workers

“I have had so much support from my social worker and the disabled children's team so I never felt alone or worried as I knew they were a phone call away.

“My social worker has bought me to tears about the kind things she says about me, but now I have a new confidence about myself and am starting to believe they are true.

“They are my world, this is my life and I wouldn't have it any other way.”

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