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Fostering sibling groups

Megan's story

Read about Megan's experience of fostering two children who are siblings.

Changing behaviours

“I can remember the first day these children came to us, it was full on, they were lively and into everything.

“We worked on a single behaviour, just one at a time. I remember the first one. A bit of peace and quiet, just 5 minutes to start with (our bit of heaven). I would read a short story or a page from a book they were interested in and it progressed from there. Soon we were able to do a few pages and from there they could read a page to themselves and I would ask questions after.

“We would set up activities to help them with their concentration. At first they were always competing for the attention and needed constant reassurance that they were doing well. We set up some time for 1-2-1 activities for them and the constant need for competing started to ease. There were even times they would sit quietly without reminders, absolutely brilliant and we would praise them for this. Most things we worked on were centred around routines and boundaries that fit around our house dynamics, it wasn't long before we could sit down and watch a film together or go out for a meal.”

Settling into the family

“It's now 5 years on and you would not believe they were the same children. They are calm, polite and much more confident in themselves. They are able to tell us how they are feeling and if anything is bothering them. They are both doing well at school and we are so proud of them. We often look back to when they first came and laugh and they laugh too, saying can you remember how long I could scream for when you said no.

“In conversation with the children they say they were much happier to be kept with their sibling even though they didn't always get on but think they would have found it much harder if they came on their own.”

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