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Fostering unaccompanied asylum seeking children

Jemal's story

Read about Jemal's experience of moving from Eritrea to England as an asylum seeking child.

Arriving in England

“I came into foster care as I had to flee my country of Eritrea due to the political circumstances there.

“When I arrived in England the police found me, whilst at the station some people came, I didn’t know who they were. They told me they were from social services, I didn’t know who social services were. They told me they would look after my wellbeing finding me somewhere to live and go to school.”

Living with a foster family

“When they took me to my first foster placement I felt happy as I saw a home I would be living in and I knew I was safe in England. I also felt nervous as I couldn’t understand what was being said and I was staying with people who I didn’t know.

“I thought I would be living in a camp like the 'jungle' with lots of other young people like me there also, I found this was not the case and I had a warm home with food.

“I used to enjoy my time with the foster carer as sometimes she would take us to the seaside at weekends.

“It was also nice to be in foster care as I had someone there to support me with any questions or adjustments to the culture and lifestyle.

“I also faced some challenges whilst in foster care as I felt they took some of my independence away as I had become used to supporting myself whilst travelling from Eritrea on my own.”

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