Fees and allowances

Find out what weekly payments and benefits we can offer you as a foster carer.

We provide a highly competitive payment scheme where, depending on experience and the complexity of the child’s needs, you’ll receive between £219 and £737 per child per week.

This scheme allows career progression as you develop as a carer, recognising your skills, experience and type of fostering you’re offering.

You may be eligible for the higher payments if you can care for older children or those with more complex needs.

In addition to weekly payments, you will also receive:

  • 4 additional payments per year for summer holiday, birthdays, Christmas or other festivals
  • Up to 21 nights paid so carers can take some time to themselves 
  • Loan of essential equipment including laptops
  • Mileage paid for meetings and for supporting contact
  • Membership to a discount scheme with money off cinema tickets, shopping and days out
  • Regular opportunities to care for different children

Tiered Scheme Level 2024-25

During the assessment process your Social Worker will help you to identify which tier level will best match what you and your family are able to provide.

They can give you details and examples of children who you would be asked to care within each tier. This discussion will begin during your initial visit.

You're free to care for children at different tiers at the same time.

You can also move up tiers as you gain experience.

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